Simatic S7-400

The Simatic S7-400 is a controller for the medium to high performance level of the company Siemens.
It was introduced as the successor to the Simatic S5-135/155 in 1998.
The range of applications of the SIMATIC S7-300 is widespread, especially in all kinds of machine.
(Process industries, automotive, chemical and steel industries)

The automation system is modular, consisting of:
Central processing unit (CPU):
For different performance ranges there are a number of CPUs, />

and CPUs with integrated PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, and point-to-point interface.

Signal modules (SM) for digital and analog inputs and outputs.
Communication processors (CPs) for bus connection and point-to-point connections.
Function modules (FM) for high-speed counting, positioning(Controlled / regulated) and controlling.

There are are increasing demands on the availability in many fields of automation technology.
For these requirements, the redundant S7-400H can be used.
For systems with increased safety requirements, the fail-safe SIMATIC S7-300F can be used.
For programming the software STEP 7 or the TIA Portal version 11 or higher is required.

Over the years, the S7-400 has been innovated constantly, so even though the basic design remained the same,
the performance always reflects the current state of technology.

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