Simatic S7-200

The Simatic S7-200 is a micro-plc control of the company Siemens.
The range of applications of the SIMATIC S7-200 extends from the relay and contactor replacement
to more complex automation tasks in standalone mode,
in networks and within distributed structures.

The product family consists of five different cpu base units
with integrated IO's and matching digital and analog expansion modules.
Communication with other devices is based on the protocols PPI,
Profibus and AS-Interface
(with additional modules)
For programming the software S7-Microwin and a so-called PPI adapter is needed.

In 2001, an innovated version of the S7-200 was introduced. (22x series)
The new series is not compatible with the old 21x series.
Distinguishing feature is the connector of the extension modules:
old --> lateral black plug
new --> connector on flat cable
By the notion of a successor S7-1200 in April 2009, the new generation of
the SIMATIC product family was introduced.
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